BH 20228 - Data Warehouse Developer

Company Name:
Open Systems Technologies
The Role:
Data Systems has an exciting opportunity for an experienced Data Warehouse software engineer. The candidate is expected to be able to handle end-to-end DW, Data Integration and BI solutions by taking into consideration the business cases, objectives and requirements. The technical domain of the position includes all aspects of the solution including data integration, data architecture, information delivery, infrastructure, testing, performance tuning for all aspects of project (DW data architecture and data modeling, Data Integration, and Business Intelligence reporting).
- Strong understanding of ETL tools, including Informatica.
- Very Large Database and DW Implementation experience (20+ TBs)
- Programming knowledge of Unix
- Strong trouble-shooting and problem-solving skills
- Team player with strong oral and interpersonal skills
- Desire to work under aggressive deadlines
Additional skills:
- BI Tool Experience, Cognos a plus.
- Strong Data Modeling skills including ERWIN Data Modeling experience.
- Experience with Oracle and/or GreenPlum databases a plus.
- Ability to promote growth and knowledge of other team members
- Project Management skills including project proposals, estimation, planning, gap analysis, risk analysis
- Understanding of the design and development of high-performance parallel Data Architecture systems
Understanding of segmentation and partitioning in large database implementations and how bulk loaders can be leveraged to load large amounts of data
- Understanding of backup, archive, restore and purge strategies and disaster recovery strategies in very large database environments.
Experience with the monitoring and fine-tuning of large data warehouse implementations using various DW performance improvement options (virtual and materialized views; additional indexes; segmentation and partitioning of the various fact tables; caching, etc.).

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